This is a test with Googles' Deep Dream. Bit scary, isnt it? 

Click on the picture to enlarge.

What IS this?

You probably all heard of the algorihtms that google uses to find pictures. A lot of experiments where done in what the machine finds inside pictures. I did not find a gif picture that makes the progress in computing visible so i repeatedly fed my picture into googles deep-dream. What came out you can see here. I still look for a way to feed whole videos into the algorythm and process them to a degree you can find in the JPG i enclose here. I have a 90 Minute film, that i want to have some dream sequences processed like that. If someone knows how to setup a win7 System to do it i would gladly apprechiate that. I found some "how to's" in the internet, but at the moment it seems way to impracticable for using it for a feature pipeline.

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